Over the years I always had hoped that I would be able to earn my living in automotive media of some sort. Then, in late 2004 I heard the word blog for first time. Not only did I start writing, but I started reading about blogging for dollars. I was hooked.

Along the way, a funny thing happened. Not only did my writing improve, but I began to really know my way around the internet. I understood what they meant by Web 2.0, I even became well versed in the ways of social media.

So here I am, a somewhat self edumacated webbie dude with a car blog that has a strong following. Often, I have other topics that I want to discuss but they don’t even remotely fit into the automotive model. I needed a place to share all of that other stuff.

Introducing BumpyStick.com: Warning, this blog may contain profanity and occasional scenes of nudity!

BumpyStick.com (or BS for short) will be home to a truly random collection of topics that may include blogging, social media, kid stuff and the occasional rant about the human race. Some stuff will be entirely useful and even educational, while other posts will be completely self indulgent. I hope you’ll come back and share the ride!

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