The joy of plugins

One of the best things about WordPress is the incredible network of users who happily develop cool new tools to enhance other users WP experience. As I’ve only just learned how to upload new plugins myself, I’m not going to attempt a tutorial as I might mislead someone through my own errors. That said, I have just installed a whole host of plugins here in BS which give it the basic functionality that I have come to expect.

Akismet: comes pre loaded in WP these days, you just need to turn it on. Akismet is a wicked spam filter that is an absolute must have, especially if you intend to have any sort of traffic on your blog. With traffic comes spam and you can’t spend your whole day reading & deleting it. Well, maybe you can, but I can’t.

All In One SEO pack: This seems to be one of the basic SEO tools for WP, yet we haven’t used it in TG yet. I’m interested to see what it does for BS.

Lightbox Plus: a pretty photo viewer. I have never learned how to use it properly, but it works simply with WP 2.6 and up and shows off your photos nicely. It also works well in tandem with NextGEN.

NextGEN Gallery: I have a love hate relationship with NextGEN. It creates way cool galleries, but it is a giant pain in the ass to create galleries and upload photos. It is pretty much the only plugin that I’ve actually had to write a tutorial so my guys can figure out how to post a bunch of pics without my help. It is certainly a must have if you love to share photos.

Sociable: A social networking tool. We didn’t have much luck with this one when we had it on TG, but I’m going to give it another shot here on BS. stats: We need to know who is visiting and how they are finding us. As we aren’t installing Google Analytics on BS I thought this would be a good solution.

FlickrRSS: I’ve never tried this one, so I thought I’d give it a go. FlickrRSS allows you to import images from your Flickr account into your sidebar. Apparently it works quite well. I’ll let you know as I fiddle around with it.

So that’s about it for me and plugins for now. As I begin to tweak BS more, I’ll be trying out lots of plugins and I’ll report on my findings. You can be sure that I’ll keep the ones that work and ditch the ones that just don’t get me feeling all warm and fuzzy.

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