Darren Rowse launches a personal blog


Somewhere along my journey to become a pro blogger, I recall reading someone say something to the effect of : “find a niche for your blogging, but Lord oh Lord, don’t write a personal blog”. I don’t recall who that someone was, but there is a good possibility that it may have been Darren Rowse. For those who don’t know, Rowse is one of the pioneers of professional blogging who has guided many a bloggers’ quest for greatness. I have been fortunate to meet Darren a couple of times on his visits to Toronto and have found him to be a truly wonderful gent.

When I launched BumpyStick last month, my idea was to have a place for tutorials and the odd personal thought that doesn’t fit in any of my other sites. I chuckled a bit today when I discovered that our Aussie friend has launched his own personal spot on the web.

I wonder if this might be a new trend: Pro bloggers launching personal blogs.

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