That is what I weighed on Saturday morning.

278 lbs.

Freakin huge. No wonder my back, ribs, hip and more hurt.

I’ve been wanting to get back out on the bike, but have been slow to actually do it because I thought I had a component issue and I just don’t have the time to deal with it. One night last week I went for a short ride with one of the boys and my component issue turns out to be a non issue. Being on the bike felt good! I had to start riding again!

On Saturday morning I discovered that the parents of one of the boys friends owns a local bike shop. I ended up there on my hunt for new 20″ mountain bike tires for the boys. Not only is it a good hookup, but they’ve got some wicked deals on some cool bikes. Hmm. After switching out tires, The Dude and I headed out for a ride around town. I had planned to just ride around the block a couple of times but things felt good so we extended the ride to about 5 k.

Yesterday, I fully intended to get out for another ride but my fight with the 6 foot weeds in the garden just about killed me. At that point I figured I had my cardio for the day and should let my legs recover for a day.

A long day at work today trying to juggle the day job with working on a new project. Happily I think I accomplished more towards the new project than I did towards work. Through it all, I looked forward to a ride with both boys. My back was killing me when I got on the bike & I didn’t think I’d be able to ride too far but I was pleasantly surprised that my legs felt great. We rode another 5 k, punctuated by far too many intersections. After a much needed shower I decided to hop on the scale.



Ok, so 2 pounds in as many days is nothing to get excited about but it is something.

No baseball tomorrow night, so I’m headed to the waterfront trail. The boys will have been at the zoo all day and will be exhausted. This may be my cue to have a solo ride and cover 7 or 8 km.

I’m gonna get my legs back come hell or high water!

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