I shoulda known

Finding staff has never been easy. Finding staff for anything car related may be tougher than most, as our industry tends to attract flakes. Add in the fact that I’m looking for someone with a bit of industry experience to sell advertising to dealers and you have a recipe for a multi layered pastry.

I had set up an interview with a young guy this morning. He had relevant experience, both in dealerships and with outside sales. He is young. He goes to school part time, so he has lots of free, flexible time. Sounds perfect. Except….

His first e-mail was signed as Tony, while the actual e-mail was from Nick. I asked. His response?
Anatoly or Nick is my russian names, here i go by Tony, sorry for confusion

The spelling and grammar are his errors, not mine. I shoulda known.

We set up a meeting for coffee this morning at 10. He pulled a no show. I sent him a text, no response. I called & his phone is off. I left a message. When he was 35 minutes late, I gave up and left. At least I had a nice coffee.

The positive aspect here is that I had deliberately set the meeting at a Starbucks close to home. I’m setting the ground rules here. If a candidate balks at the location, then they are not the right person. If a candidate agrees to a time and place but then pulls a no show, they are obviously the wrong person. If they would pull a no show on a potential employer, what would they do to a potential client?

I shoulda known!

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