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Since I’ve begun publishing full time, I’ve had all sorts of unusual requests for my time. Usually they revolve around some sort of marketing or PR type need the person or their company have. I guess now that I’ve built a bit of a reputation as an online publisher, folks have come to the conclusion that I know everything about the web. Some even seem to think that I miraculously became a developer.


Most of these inquiries actually tend to be fairly simple stuff and I do have the answer. Thanks to the more recent changes to WordPress, I actually am able to do a bunch of stuff myself and even make it look pretty good. I’m about to upgrade all of my blogs to the Thesis template so I really can do some groovy stuff on my own and maybe even for the odd client here & there.

Most recently I was approached by a friend whose company won a fairly important award at the SEMA show this year. They have the North American rights to an incredible new automotive product and are looking for some help with their web presence and on PR. They thought I was a natural choice to augment their team. It occurred to me that I could probably fulfill their needs by creating a WP site with the e-commerce plugin so I started playing around with the free version.

The freebie plugin is actually a teaser unit. Easy to install, one can be up and running quite literally in 5 minutes. If you have a peek down the right sidebar, you’ll see the heading Test Cart. Below it is a link to Visit The Shop which will take you to a simple page of fictitious products, complete with photos, prices, sale prices and complete descriptions. You will notice the ads are arranged vertically. This is part of the catch of the teaser. The Gold Cart version is needed to create a more visually pleasing grid format or I gather pretty much any other format you can dream up. Even the freebie is so easy to use that it stands to reason that the Gold Cart version would be awesome.

The individual blogger version is only $40 and they have a number of other plugin options to make your store more Web 2.0 friendly. If you need to create more than 1 site, the developer version is $195. Really a good value when you consider that when combined with a template like Thesis or Atahualpa (the one currently in use here) an educated WP user like me can look like a pro.

So here lies my conundrum.

Once these auto industry leaders have discovered that I actually want to be paid for my time, they admit that they actually have a site that has been almost completed by a developer. They were actually looking for a full time IT guy but thought I might have the solutions to some of their web marketing problems.

As Curt Cobain said: Rape me!!!!

Oh look – an e-mail from them asking if I would be interested in guiding their web presence.

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