Killer Plugin: LinkWithin

We’ve played around with a few different related posts plugins but all of them seemed a bit boring visually. Then, I stumbled across LinkWithin.

The way LinkWithin works is the company crawls your site to capture categories, keywords and the like and then posts a thumbnail image & title beneath each post. You can add however many columns you like below the post. Because they are involved and the plugin is custom tailored to your site, the plugin isn’t available on the WordPress codex. You must visit their site, ask a few simple questions and voila, your plugin is ready to be installed.

I’ve installed it here in BumpyStick and at Foodies so far. I know that it takes a while for the crawlers to take in the whole site, so I’m being patient. It looks great, but it has been active on Foodies for a couple of days now and there is very little rotation of related posts.

Also, I’m a little bit concerned about their crawlers. How much info do they crawl? Do they somehow store the info? Who are they? The LinkWithin site has no actual human information. I’ve sent them an e-mail to ask these questions and nobody has responded. I know that most plugins are developed by individuals or small teams and people take days off. That said, given that I’m in front of the computer constantly and most of us who work online carry a smart phone of some sort, I tend to get a little pissy when I get ignored.

I’ll wait until I hear from them before I install LW on either of our automotive blogs, but I’m really liking the way it looks at Foodies. It looks pretty cool here too so far. I think we’ll have to change the html to have it appear at the end of a post though, as I don’t like the related posts showing up on the front page.

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