And so @geegrant goes live on Twitter

Have you ever wondered if you’ve spread yourself too thin online? I’m wondering that right now with the launch of yet another twitter profile, this time to build my personal brand as a social media…umm…whatever I have become. It seems these days that I’m spending almost as much time coaching car dealers about their social media efforts as I am actually producing automotive content.

The development of my own brand really has little to do with the brand at The Garage or even Driven Wheels and certainly nothing to do with Foodies. They are all individual brands in their own right and staff development isn’t part of it. Where it really becomes cloudy though is with @thegarageblog where my personality is an integral part of the brand. Sometimes though, as I learned more about the Twitter experience, I got a little bit too personal. Drunk tweets from the bathroom do little to develop most brands with the possible exception of Modern Drunkard.

There just might be something in this social media coaching of dealers that will fit in nicely with all of these other projects. In fact, I am already working with a few stores to refine their virtual brands. And so it is that the time has come to work on developing my own personal brand. @geegrant will deal with new media in general and mostly stay away from cars and food unless they cross over. Drunk tweets? No, but I can’t guarantee that you won’t see some questionable wall updates on Facebook!

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