Time for a break, I’m tired of fighting

I’m testing out a few ideas for one of our other projects. I’d like to add in a free classifieds section to host free ads for special interest cars to drive some additional traffic. Given that WordPress is known to be such a powerful CMS tool, I thought there would be a number of classifieds plugins. It would seem that there are actually very few.

ClassiPress has a great rep, but it is a theme that only deals with classifieds, not a blog with classified functionality. There is WP Classifieds that appears to be rather flawed from the comments section of the developer’s own blog. Neither is what I need.

Then, there is Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin. It appears to be the most usable plugin for my needs, but it seems like I’m fighting to fix something every step of the way. I’m able to find a solution for every issue I come across, but the dev forum is disjointed and hard to follow and I have to really dig for each answer.

I’m going away from this for now and I’ll be back later to see what I can do to bring this thing together. Either that or I’m going to use the WP ecommerce plugin and go a totally different direction. At least I know it works!

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